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We Are a Global Player

As a trend-setter system provider, we are in over 90 countries with a global network of over 450 manufacturer dealers and their sub-sales points. Albert Genau branches are available in 6 countries: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Annually with our 30.000 m2 production facility, we bring to life 680.000 m2 living areas.

over 450 manufacturer dealers

What we offer for manufacturer dealers?

We export aluminum system profiles and accessories worldwide. Our partners manufacture the system, install it for end users, or distribute it to resellers. This collaborative approach enables mutual growth with our partners. Therefore, we provide profiles and accessories rather than ready-made/finished products.

Wide Product Range

With 40 years of experience, 62 different systems have been developed. We designs 2 new products every year.

Competitive Price

We support our dealers' growth with the most competitive prices in the field for all systems.

Worldwide Transportation

We quarante the fastest delivery worldwide by all the meanings of shipping. Wherever you are, the products are addressed to you with fast delivery.

Training Support from Production to Sale

Training in AG Factory is the first step of partnership, offering comprehensive training for Albert Genau products from sales to installation.

Global After Sales Support

Clear technical guides and dynamic installation videos are available for each product. The AG After-Sales team is ready to assist you anytime.

Worldwide Marketing

We utilize marketing tools to reach out to customers on your behalf, providing support at every step, and building brand presence for our partners. No worry to find customers as AG Dealer.

Assist via AG Software

Through our software program, we offer easy measurement and price calculation, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for our customers.

What do you need as a manufacturer dealer?


As a manufacturer dealer, all you need is your existing investment. We send samples to partners for product experience, allowing you to showcase them in your showroom for customer presentations, facilitating quick marketing and sales. 


With our supply of fixed length aluminum profiles and accessories, you can start manufacturing without additional investments, utilizing cutting and milling machines, a production space, and a skilled workforce. 


The manufactured product is installation-ready, and if you have installation expertise or partner with installation companies, they can handle it. 

After Sales Support

For after-sales service, we provide clear technical guides and dynamic installation videos for each product, with the AG After-Sales team available for assistance anytime. 

AG Franchise Oppurtunity

This comprehensive approach as an AG Dealer provides a unique and rewarding opportunity to thrive in the market. Join us on this exciting journey and redefine success.

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